26 What?

November 9, 2017
By top29 SILVER, Davie, Florida
top29 SILVER, Davie, Florida
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That's how many lives were taken at the hand of a gun.


That's how many seconds it takes to buy a gun in America.

26 what? Hundred? Thousand? Million more lives until we make a change?

26 hours? Weeks? Years until we reform the policies in our increasingly regressive society?

226 years ago the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution.

226 years ago, men used manually loaded muskets to fire their single-shots.

226 years ago, there were only four million people in America.

226 years ago, slaves were only three-fifths a person.

226 years ago, America was 15 years old.

I am 16 years old and I believe there should be gun control.

If we don't make a change now, how many more people will die until we do?

When do we stop waiting?

When do we turn on the safety?

When do we stop praying for the victims of these crimes and start fixing the problem in our country?

When do we stop screaming that all Muslims are terrorists and start realizing that white people can be too?

When do we stop turning in our swivel chairs, twiddling our fingers behind our mahogany desks to the sound of gunshots ringing right outside our window?

Do 26 hundred more people have to die?

Do 26 thousand more people have to speak up?

Do 26 million more people have to get easy access to a gun before we realize that we can't continue living off of 266 year-old policies?

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