In The End

November 8, 2017
By soulofwolf BRONZE, Park City, Utah
soulofwolf BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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In the end, we are never good enough.
In this world, we look up and down streets
never really knowing where we are going
we could be going home
or maybe we are just watching the cat play with the string
Some of us may even be sleeping
because when half the world is awake half is asleep
But that is not always true
some of us stay up late at night
trying to not think at all
But then again the silence hurt
Because you can't hear or feel it is just empty space
Thinking that everything will disappear
if you don’t think or hear is far from the truth
Truth is you need to hear and think
or you will drown in silence never hearing the truth
We try not look weak but to be honest we can’t hide behind the door
all the time sometimes we have to face our fears whatever they may be

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