Child at Heart

November 8, 2017
By TheHighCorner BRONZE, Madelia, Minnesota
TheHighCorner BRONZE, Madelia, Minnesota
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I remember when I was like you
Now I can feel your influence
Like a heat warped mirror
I can’t help but see myself in you
Now whenever I try to get away, you always call me back

Their smiling faces beckon me, but I’m slow to go to them
My guts constrict and my joints are frozen
But, eventually, I warm myself to it, and forge my way ahead
I smile, outstretch my arms and step towards them
Then I hear your voice

I turn my back on everything, just to glower at you
There you always stand, smiling like an idiot
I run back to you again
I seize you by the collar
I scream in your face

We both know that never works
You always fade away, eventually
And now I’m alone again
I turn and head back to them, trying to forget you again
But who knows?

Maybe you’ll always be with me
Maybe I’ll always be a child at heart

The author's comments:

A refelection on how my childhood influences me now.

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