It Changes

November 8, 2017
By Misslittlemisfit BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Misslittlemisfit BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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I change, You change

The sun rises and falls as we do
Our reflection against the cold river
The feel of my peeling lips against yours
The sound of our hearts cracking in sync
My tears which freeze in the wind of your breathe

We breathe, You breathe

Us, in the fear that we might lose our way
Like her and her red fleece
Red like the fresh blood My heart sheeds
The sweet smell of wine at its finest
It only bleeds at the thought of you mending it

I bleed, You bleed

From your fist out of pain and anger
You carry my burdens
The steam from your head dances and laughs
But you carry them out of kindness
I wish I was kind

I think, You think

That both of us should stop
But your heart grabs you by the chin to mouth the words
“I love you” one more time…

Can I stop, If you stop

Caring constantly and contemplating what will happen
Who cares about what people think

Let's not let the sun controls us anymore

Force your mind to listen to heart
Tell the sun that his ray against my melting flesh is no longer needed
For I like the cold and your hands are gold
So your touch will heal me instantly

Let's not change

Let's be us

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