Grandpa Kuhl

November 8, 2017
By SLaMantia BRONZE, Riverside, Illinois
SLaMantia BRONZE, Riverside, Illinois
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He was a fighter his entire life

Even God respected him


As a radio gunner in WWII,

bomb shrapnel obliterated the screeching metal floor

of the plane, where his legs had been seconds before.


As a contruction worker,

he carried tools in the front of a semi

when he hit a curve and drove down the sky

he walked away with, perhaps, a bruise


Purple and blue like the jellybeans in his pockets,

treats for the children who asked

We danced to the only song he could play,

piano notes echoing through the first

fifteen years of our lives.


Still after his soul rose lile smoke to the heavens,

His broad frame stands like an oak in a storm

his smile like the scent of pastries on a cool winter's street.

The author's comments:

My grandfather was an incredible person who was extremely important to my family.  He was strong and very religious.  We often joked that he should have died at least five times in his life, but God wanted him to stay on Earth for as long as possible. 

He died two years ago, but his presence has not left me or my loved ones.

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