Hate Free Verse

November 7, 2017
By Anonymous

Darker than night.
A normal human emotion yet impugned.
Hate is an abhorred emotion,
Hate is the essence of evil.

Hate brings war
War brings death
Death brings pain.
Pain brings internal emptiness.

Hate hurdles from one person to the next.
No matter how far you run, it will always catch you,
No matter how well you hide, it will always find you.
There is no escaping the perpetual darkness that is Hate.

It comes in numerous forms.
Racism, Oppression, Bias,
It will gnaw at you.
Crush your soul till’ there is none left.

A world without Hatred is an illusion.
There will always be Hatred even if it is tucked in a meager, somber corner.
Hatred is like water,
It will find a way to break free and ascend to the surface.

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