the puppet and her master

November 7, 2017

The Puppet and her master
I know at every pull I'll never know what to expect
But every pull has me Mesmerize
Every motion has me lost
Every touch has me enchanted
Every sound has me on my knees
I know every tear has me heart broken
Every drop kills my soul
Every one sliding down my face is sign of hurt
Every tear soaked pillow has me fast asleep
I know with his hands I'm at his beck and call
Every touch sends me on edge
Every feather like kiss has me begging for more
Every soft caress has my heart doing flips
But my master know the damage he does
The pain
The agony
The tears
The words
But my dear master
Knows I'm all his
He pulls the strings of my heart for his own amusement
Our act is called
The puppet and her master

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