November 7, 2017

Sometimes the darkness is  a safe place
It so silent and you're in darkness
Some may find it erri, but I find it beautiful
I get to sit alone in my thoughts
I can hide from those who hurt me
But when the spotlight shines on me
I shrink back from the judging gazes
I look away from the eye contact
I hide my face with a curtain of hair
I can find my peace when the light goes out
Some may find me odd or the outcast
Some may not even know that being upfront is scary
They see a bright blonde blue-eyed girl, smiling and laughing
But on the side
I'm dying
I'm slipping away
I'm hurting
I'm done…..
I'm not me
They don't see that though
everyone thinks that if u go to the dark
Ur eerie or odd
Well the darkness is my safe place

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