Broken Mind or Broken Spirit

November 7, 2017
By Keythewriter BRONZE, South Brunswick, New Jersey
Keythewriter BRONZE, South Brunswick, New Jersey
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Broken Spirit or Broken Mind?

Everybody has them days…you know them days where your car gets towed and then you have to take the bus to work but then the bus breaks down so you decide to take a cab only to realize you have $2.22 in your account because you decided to go to the club last weekend and now you have to walk 3 miles to work and it’ll take you at least 30 minutes if not an hour and you’re already 25 minutes late… you know…Them days. My college success professor told us that everybody chooses their weather for the day. That means you decide on how you let that day’s events effect your mood. Everybody has those days, but what if those days turn into those months or those years? Not everybody started off good. By the time it hits that month you’re done. Childish Gambino said it best. “Nobody’s got it all figured out so therefore, I’ve lost all hope for a happy ending. Depending on whether or not it’s worth it, so insecure, no one’s perfect.” Yes, he was talking about a relationship but it works for life too. Sometimes you’re so stuck in what’s happening in that moment that you don’t stop to realize that life is one big mess, it’s up to you to untangle it. You’re so done with life at this point that your broken in spirit, you think nothing is ever going to work out. The question is Are you broken spirited or do you have a broken mind? Think about it. If you think good things you’re motivated to do more, if you have a negative mindset then you’re just like “F*** it”. People in this generation are so easy to give up. I know I was. I quit the only thing that meant something to me because I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough. Now I hate anything that has to do with it. Basketball literally saved my life. When I stopped playing, I stopped caring. Don’t make decisions based on the situation that happens in the moment. Choose your weather wisely and make the most of your predicament. Are you broken spirited, or is your mind broken?

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Think good thoughts. It'll be okay even if it seems like it won't.

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