Unknown Number

November 7, 2017
By Romen BRONZE, Centennial , Colorado
Romen BRONZE, Centennial , Colorado
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I wish when we touched
It was with love
And not to fill
The chasm we created

With words we dare not speak
We hang on a string
From our vices

Who am I to criticize
The choices you’ve made
Needles and pills
We all get our fill

Somewhere alone
I hope you know
That these dreams
Will never leave me

And when we die
I hope it is how we planned
Drowned off a bridge
Ashes scattered
Finally together

The author's comments:

Sometimes you fall in love at the wrong time, wrong place; wrong people. They destroy you inside out, hollowing an old holy place. Inside the temple of your heart, your worshippers leave. A ruin you cannot forget as scars manifest outside your body. 

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