Who needs who?

November 7, 2017
By poemlily22 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
poemlily22 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Restlessly turning in my rock hard bed
Pillows scratching my skin, room a chilling cold
My bedroom is dark, night light sparking
The trees thrashing against my window
Wind howling along with my clicking fan

Hanging on the door knob is my beloved blue blankie
I am desperate for the comforting chewed up corners
I miss my worn out pink pom poms
I squeeze my eyes tight,
I do not need my blankie to comfort me
I am ready to be a big girl now!

I hear a thump as something plops to the floor
The door skids against the carpet as something brushes up against it
With a trembling arm I pick myself up on one elbow
I strain my eyes to search for what made the noise
For one moment the night light flashes brightly,
And I see a glimpse of a fuzzy blue shadow

My jaw drops, staring at me are two big pink eyes
Heart pounding with fear
Cold sweat slides down my neck
I pull my covers over my head, and tell myself that it is all a dream
My body quivering with shallow breaths
Face crumbling, I cry myself to sleep

The next morning, the sun is shining brilliantly in my face
I squint hard and blink my eyes open
Anxiously, I look around my room to find any sign of the creature
I gasp in disbelief,
I spy my blue blankie draped on the corner of my bed
Maybe my blankie needs me more than I need it

The author's comments:

This is piece is written from a prompt, "Confessions of" for 8th grade English.

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