Love Hurts

November 7, 2017
By rebeccakaufman BRONZE, Somerdale, New Jersey
rebeccakaufman BRONZE, Somerdale, New Jersey
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Corrupt opinions.

Dangerous thoughts.

Love is a crime now.

Unable to stop.


Love is love.

That's what I know.

Far too scared.

To let it show.


They will ask.

But don't want the truth.

They'll say its just a phase.

Just another damaged youth.


Love shouldn't hurt.

There's are many people in pain.

Why bring people down?

What's to gain?

The author's comments:

I believe a lot of people can relate to this on many differant levels but it's mostly to show people that in this, they are not alone and no matter how much ahte they get they need to stay strong.

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