Under Water

November 6, 2017
By Anonymous

Diving into the water, grinning and giggling, unprepared for the feeling in your body as you come into contact with the ice cold liquid

Staying under though your lungs can’t take it; the need to breath gradually taking over; short, ragged breaths sending torrents of bubbles above you

Eyes wide open watching legs dance in the water as others play near you; the stinging pain ignored, for you needed to see the joyous playing

Like stones in your pockets, you can’t come up; but you can, you just won’t; the world above the water cruel and unforgiving, no place for  you

Drowning yourself in despair to avoid the air in which others breath; unable to come up, for you are now helpless

Yelling into the water, but no one can hear you; slowly sinking into a world where it is you, just you; underneath the waves you are held captive

A ripple forms above you, someone jumping in to save you; arm extended, you reach and you reach but you’ve sunken so far down your hands cannot help; no effort will ever be enough

Giving up, losing all hope; you sink further and further until you will never be able to breath again

Letting one last ragged breath out words escape from your mouth; all i needed was love you say into the emptiness around you

Prepared to let go, the weight of your limp body is lifted into the cruel atmosphere above; all i have is love he says, arms cradling your body giving off a welcoming warmth

Pushing down on your chest, pinching your nose, breathing into your mouth; restoring your once useless lungs

You heard, you say gazing up at the most beautiful face; i didn’t need to hear, he says pushing back the soaked hairs entering your eyes

The author's comments:

Love is like drowning

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