November 6, 2017
By Josephine15 BRONZE, Langhorne, Pennsylvania
Josephine15 BRONZE, Langhorne, Pennsylvania
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Do I really want to fight this guy, is this what I have to do?
Is it still something I must do to soothe my own dues,
My family seems to be in a pit of blues,
But my wife’s ignorant calls for beauty always starts my fuse,

Will this pain of being beaten day after day ever end?
They say my family line has always been fighters, but apparently I can’t comprehend,
Every match, another scar to add to my dreadful weekend,
With every lost that will come, will my brothers continue to be offended?

The bartender sees me more than my kids have ever seen me,
Every adrenaline rush doesn’t seem to fill the empty hole inside of my hollow tree,

Every shout from my father, echoing in my head,
Why don’t you finish this fight with bloodshed!

The author's comments:

In my opinion, this is the thoughts of two boxers in a fight. One has a family with a wife who demands jewels, but he can't afford it. The other fighter is part of a negecting family whose family line is contained with successful boxers. These include his father and brothers. Unforchantly for him, he doesn't have the passion for it or the skill, which his family then feels disappointed in the only familt member who couldn't do it. 

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