Battle of the ages

November 6, 2017
By Anonymous

At the age of 5 my mother told me boys had cooties and that if I touched one I would get sick. At the age of 8 we realize that all that wasn't true and boys made good friends. At the age of ten we realized that boys could be boyfriends and when we did we had one every week. At the age of 13 boys were everything that every girl talked about and wanted. At the age of 15 which I am now I realize boys are real pieces of sh** and that I don't need one to love me so I can love myself but yet I don't follow that. Soon at the age of 16 I hope to love myself more than anyone ever could. At the age of unexpected I hope to meet someone who is worth loving and helps me love myself and love them as well. At the age of infinite numbers I hope to die. To die with my soulmate by my side.

The author's comments:

Inspired by feelings about love and boys throughout the years

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