The Scent I Crave

November 6, 2017
By NikkiAsch BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
NikkiAsch BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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Moms aroma entices me, comforts me, saves me
Mom’s perfume stains her clothes, her skin, and her attitude
Moms smell hypnotizes me
Moms sleep shirt has absorbed her essence of grapefruit and crisp fall air
Moms fragrance is second nature and attaches to me in times of need
Moms oils seep through my skin and to my heart
Moms sweetness allows her presence to live within me
Moms being is the tissue for my tears, the pillow I rest my head on at night, and the bright light that illuminates my dark room
Moms odor never allows me to be alone
Moms tang bubbles around me as a shield
Moms smell twirls and spins as blown dandelions do in the wind
Moms love secures, holds, and consumes me at all times
Moms smell is a reminder of accepting reality, remaining pure, and recognizing humanity and its limitations
Moms scent helps drive me to be a better person
Moms scent is the thing I desperately crave

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