November 6, 2017
By Marie1827 SILVER, Rockville, Indiana
Marie1827 SILVER, Rockville, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Much Madness Is Divinest Sense To A Discerning Eye- Emily Dickinson

Alice went crazy
She fell into a downward spiral and found out how quick the world is gonna burn
She met the mad hatter
She killed the Red queen
But something evil grew inside her head
You think you know how crazy she is don’t you?
You think there couldn’t possibly be anything else
Then she has you right where she wants you
Don’t close your eyes when she is near you
Because Alice went crazy
And she is going to bring you with her
Back down to HELL

The author's comments:

this piece means a lot to me it symbolizes the self destuctive tendenacies of people and our own minds

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