The Good Old Days

November 6, 2017
By Noeyy SILVER, Carson, California
Noeyy SILVER, Carson, California
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 Don’t you wish you could just,

Go back to the good old days.
The younger,
not so stressful times?
For the girls…
You would have to sleep with all your stuffed animals
So none would get offended.
For the guys...
Starting a game over because you knew
you were gonna lose.
We all swore we were 21,
Pouring soda into the cap
And acting like we were taking shots.
Our hardest decisions were whether
We wanted to watch Disney Channel or Nickelodeon.
And the best thing from driving home at night
Was when you would fake sleep,
Just so your parents could carry us into bed.
Maybe it’s just me but
I used to think that the moon followed me home.
And you have to admit it though,
You’d get pretty scared swallowing a seed
because you thought a tree was going to grow out of you.
Driving when it was raining
Would be pretty fun,
Watching two little raindrops race across the window.
You’re driving people home,
Carrying them in because they’re too drunk to walk.
Getting a bruised knee is better than a broken heart.
Soda shots turned into actual shots.
The hardest decision is every decision and
Sleepless nights are over
a stupid fight.
Remember when all of was
Wanted to grow up?
What in the world were we thinking?

The author's comments:

This poem is about wishing to go back to when times were easier.

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