Ode to Baby Hairs

November 6, 2017
By Aferralles BRONZE, San Pedro, California
Aferralles BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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In a dense forest you stand
Among strong brave warriors you do not march
Their brutish ways do not suit you
Instead your cunning instinct prevails

You are the runt of the litter that survives his bretheren
Every morning, a mighty lumberjack comes to cut all in his path down
Every morning, a knight comes with sword in hand to decapitate the Medusa of the face
All of your brothers lay defeated yet again
But you have craftily slipped through the blades of the meat grinder

You, the baby hairs have achieved victory
You will stand another day

Ninja does not accuratley describe your stealth
Slow and steady wins the race
Late at night a mighty metal lobster comes to rip you from the land
Then you disappear never to be found

You are so meak that you are strong
You win, I am defeated

The author's comments:

This is an ode to baby hairs

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