I Wish

November 6, 2017
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- I wish I loved myself the way people think I do.
- I wish you felt for me the way I felt for you.
- I wish I didn't cry every time I saw you smile .. because I know you are happy without me.
- I wish I didn't have to see you everyday .. because I know we won't speak.
- I wish I had my mother here to wipe my tears and say it is going to be okay.
- I wish I didn't get jealous when I see others lock lips with the person they love.
- I wish it wouldn't rain .. because it reminds me of my sad days.
- I wish all boys weren't the same and all play games with the pumping machine in my chest.
- I wish my love wasn't so strong.
- I wish I belonged with my friends.
- I wish you the worst with her.
- I wish you would realize what and who you said "no" too.
- I wish that I, me, would just move on .. not just from you ....
- But I wish she'd move on from her past.
- I wish she'd love herself better
- I wish ....

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