High School

October 29, 2017
By samanthadavan SILVER, Riverside, New Jersey
samanthadavan SILVER, Riverside, New Jersey
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Freshman year filled with many firsts
The first time you walk down the school hallways
Hiding your face because you’re a little freshman
Terrified of what might happen if you are noticed by an upperclassman
The first football game
Excited to go but a little nervous 
The first homecoming dance
Getting dressed up for an experience you will never forget
The first time you experience finals week
A week full of torture and nonstop studying
Sophomore year filled with hardships and stress
Finding out your friends aren’t actually your friends
Finding out high school isn’t as fun as it seems
Finding out school is a lot harder than it was in middle school
Pick your head up
It gets a whole lot better
Junior year was filled with adventure and fun
Discovering who your true friends are
Which made life simpler and happier
Discovering who you are and who you want to be
Discovering what schools you want to apply to next year
Senior year a year full of lasts
The last first home football game
The last tennis match
A sad feeling knowing this will be the last sports match you will ever play
The last dance
Four homecomings and two proms later and it’s finally over
The last time you will endure final’s week
Believe it or not you’re going to miss the long hours of studying and the sleepless nights
High school
The best and worst years of your life
Seize every opportunity
High school is only four years of your life
Enjoy it while you can; It is over in a blink of an eye

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