You're Not Alone

October 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Is a wound to the soul
A break into the depths of the heart
A message to the mind
Meant to be grieved
But also to make you stronger


A woman
Was lost
Often the hardest loss
The first one
Sadness is new
Tears are fresh
Bones turn frail
Dreams are crushed


Is as dark as the mind
As deep as the grave
As prodigious as the friendship
As difficult as life itself


Will come
Absorbing anything in its’ path
The woman is safe
It’s your turn to continue the legacy
Don’t let her go
Don’t forget about her
Keep her in your heart
Keep her in your mind
But most importantly remember
You will always be loved

The author's comments:

My classmate's mother, not to mention the head librarian of Alantic County Library, died only two weeks before Instagram decided to give me the notification of his post.  I felt as though I needed to help somehow, since I can very well relate to his situation from personal experience.  I hope this helps any reader who also feels pain from any loss.

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