on the nature of colors

October 29, 2017
By tyleroconnell BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
tyleroconnell BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
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she is vibrant she is alive
twirling with outstretched arms
and forced laughter,
trailing a cigarette from curled lips
the hue of poppy petals,
hurling anger and passion and heartbreak;
a whirlwind tinted crimson; and
she is not one to miss a sunrise,
to see the horizon set itself on fire
licks of heat caressing her face

irises filled with puddled moonbeams
his universal consciousness complete
with galaxies and supernova and little infinities
every face an ocean
a possibility for life or crushing nothingness
pure curiosity flowing through
a charcoal pencil, and a mind too easy
to get lost in

she contains endless energy
leaps and bounds and nauseating movements
life streaming from every pore
infectious, viral to those lacking;
electric shaded venom,
radioactive emotions paint her mind
turning hope to envy to jealousy
she is often called a hurricane

selective blindness plagues her,
muted and naive
wearing daisy patterned dresses
writing unsent love letters to suitors long gone by;
glee shines from her smile,
and her laugh like honey tinted sunshine
undiluted and joyful,
blurry around the edges

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