Siren Song

October 28, 2017
By sheena.holt BRONZE, Woodside, California
sheena.holt BRONZE, Woodside, California
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It is impossible to say exactly what I feel
When I feel my soul baking in the warm foxtail sun
And it is impossible to explain exactly what I understand
When I speak in silent codes with the railroad technician
Just as it is impossible to completely comprehend
How your eyes look like the forgotten spring of some wistful old siren
Wishing she weren’t so alone in intimacy

I keep trying to guide my ship safely ashore
And I keep trying to share my little impossibilities
So one day they won’t seem quite so lonely —
Spread out all over the cosmos they might be
Though I can’t help but wonder if maybe that’s only as big
As the time it takes me to see the light reflect
Off your haunted pupils, singing in the darkness.

The author's comments:

I struggle to be emotionally intimate with the people I care about, so this piece is really about my personal attempts to be vulnerable with those I love.

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