The Bari Sax

October 28, 2017
By sanaus BRONZE, LaMotte, Iowa
sanaus BRONZE, LaMotte, Iowa
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In the back of the band, next to the lows
What is that peculiar instrument?
Has curves and a reed like an alto sax
But plays way down low like a tuba

That, friends, is a baritone saxophone
Admired by many and respected by all
It modestly rumbles along behind the group
Creating a base for the band to build on

Playing such a mammoth is not for all
Takes lots of breath to blow such monstrous sounds
And to carry around such a weighty instrument
Much more difficult than its higher cousins

Yet there are many reasons to love the bari
Low notes take on a whole new persona
Play a low A and your whole face will vibrate
(Plus the ears of the poor trumpet in front of you)

Bari sax solos, though rare, cannot be equaled
Not unlike an elephant dancing ballet,
The unwieldy sax thunders through the tune
Adding unique flair to any musical performance

Playing the bari sax does have its ups and downs
But I would never trade it for any other
No other instrument in the band, not now, not ever
Can hold a candle to the venerable baritone sax

The author's comments:

After taking up the bari sax and playing it through my high school career, I wished to express how much I enjoy playing it.

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