March for Meaning

October 28, 2017

I am a pen made without ink
Life is the paper that comes with me
I am a bird born without wings
Life is the sky that was made for me
I am a piano built without keys
Life is the melody created for me

I am a wave among the sea
Pushing you away, then drawing you towards me
I am a rose in a bush
Curiosity lures you in, but when you touch, away you push
I am a star in the night sky
Lighting up the world, yet blinding to the eye

I am made for night, yet live in the day
Born for the sea, but land is where I play
I should stay on one home, but throughout my mind I roam
I have many friends, yet I stand alone

In this search for purpose
This march for meaning
Who you want to be may not be what you need
Today's ideas won't be tomorrow's thinking
So look inside your heart, see what your soul's thoughts mean
And then, my friend, you'll know who you're meant to be

The hardest part is accepting it.

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