The Birth of Athena

October 28, 2017
By MarieEsther PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
MarieEsther PLATINUM, Miami, Florida
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I split open My father’s forehead,
Unzipped His sweaty skin,
He tried to lock Me in,
But I grew inside His brain
Pressed the tip of My sword against
The inside of His skull
And tore Him open like He
Did My Mother.

They say that day
The blood flooded the fields,
And from the cavernous, burning,
Swirling infinity of His mind,
Emerged I,
A Titan.

The author's comments:

Prophets foretold that the nymph Metis would give Zeus a child so wise and strong that he would surpass Zeus himself. To prevent this, he swallowed Metis whole. But he couldn't prevent her unborn child, Athena, from springing from his forehead.

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