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October 28, 2017
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An aggressive stare at a defenseless other
A stoic unbothered face in the face of danger
A senseless joy in war and destruction
A man A teen An Adolescent A boy
  I'm trapped
I can see through the lens of the man box I am placed in
Told to act like a man, stop being a b**** a pussy a fag
See through but locked in like glass house with no key
Centuries of tearless emotionless father's
The translation of a boy into the same
Barbaric beast not held accountable because
boys will be boys
A statement to justify the misery men cause as being nature
No longer should we allow ourselves to perpetuate such toxicity
The toxicity which tells women that seuxal abuse is their fault
The toxicity which keeps young boys from talking about their emotions
The toxicity which allows young men to terrorize society acceptably
Needs to end

But yet I am still guilty
My brain is so hardwired to think unhealthy thoughts that a swamp of toxic chemicals escape everyday
My mind is so constrained to society that knowing the wrongs of my actions doesnt always make me regret
My soul is so entrapped and I can not do it alone

If I am the only one,
To speak my mind against how men treat women
I am an outcast

If I am the only one,
To stop a man from objectifying women
I am an outcast

If I am the only one
To tell my younger brothers and cousins its okay to cry
I am an outcast

But if we
Speak our minds

If we
Stop ourselves from objectifying women

If we
Show the young men and women that it is okay for a man to cry

We become the outcasts,
And all of us outcasts can look to each other and have our own outcast club
Until our little group of outcasts is not so little
Until society must accept that healthy masculinity is in style
Until we as men have righted the wrongs of centuries of the same behavior
Until then

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