Monster Of A Man

October 28, 2017
By madisonhaji GOLD, Wyckoff, New Jersey
madisonhaji GOLD, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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I see the way you look at me
Like a creature in a cage

An animal rugged and beastly
Filled with pure evil and undying rage

A monster drowning in darkness
Expanding with the touch

A beast portrayed as heartless
Latching on with an devious clutch

A nightmare coming to get you
A devil draped in disguise

The howling when the wind blew
The source of all your cries

An empty pile of ignorance
A puddle of despair

A monotonous figure of indifference
A view too hideous to bear

You see these things when you look at me
But beneath is a different truth

A man who just wants to be loved
A heart that’s still overflowing with youth

A worker whose selfless and determined
A son who’s vulnerable and scared

A friend to those who’d just listen
An innocence that cannot be compared

I’ve come to recognize I may look different
But it’s all the same when you examine within the head

For I cannot change the complexion of my skin, so I suppose I’ll change the world instead.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by the prejudice that was displayed in John Steinbeck's, Of Mice And Men.

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