The Silent Great Depression

October 31, 2017

There is happiness in the darkness
And sadness in the light
We all want to be on top
But scared to take the hike
We all want to be rich
Nobody wants to put in the work
Saying that we all made
But never came from the dirt
God gave us all a vision
A dream
A hidden talent
But we act as if we are blind
And give up cause we can't handle it
Fake smiles for those who have real pain
Acting out for 15 minutes of fame
It never last and we are back to the past
Of hurt and anger
We want to kill the demon inside
But struggle to find the remainder
We get on our knees and pray
But are they really being answered?
Fighting back tears
Finding out your mom has cancer
Daddy disappeared years ago
Left us to make a way
With the world today
We all are societal slaves
The media has us brain washed
Telling us when to smile
But how can we smile when we get shot down?
I drown in my own tears
Lay in the bed with many fears
Will I wake up on the morning
To the sweet birds and calming wind
When will I win
I'm tired of losing
In a game I never wanted to play
An ass hole for a president
Turning us back into slaves
The sky went from blue to grey
We wish it was 50 shades lighter
The sun is burning out
But the world still shines brighter
Looking at my girl telling her to pass the lighter
Tomorrow isn't promised
So why not get even higher
My soul is on fire
My hear is on ice
Suicide running while
Baby put sown that knife
Fight back against the odds
Cause we all know we will win
We just have to find the pride that is deep within
The system is a scam
History is lie
To them it's a big joke
But sit and ask why?
My heart is crying and flooding
With tears from this recession
When will we ever get out of this silent great depression?

The author's comments:

It was just a feeling in my heart that put on paper with emotion. I still ask myself when will it ever end?

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