October 31, 2017
By Anonymous

People are like the seasons.
People go through some brutal storms.
People can bring sunshine into the world.
People change as time passes.

People are like spring.
People bloom and grow.
People become part of something much greater,
People are like a leaf on a tree.

People are like summer.
People are bright like the sunshine.
People are golden like a summertime tan.
People are strong like the summer heat.

People are like autumn.
People are made of different colors.
People can be moody like the weather.
People will grow and leave the tree they came from.

People are like winter.
People survive storms that unexpectedly come there way.
People can be cold or warm.
People are as unique as the wintertime snowflakes.

          People are like the seasons.
People change,
But they always come back again,
Ready to tackle anything that comes their way.

The author's comments:

It is begining to turn from fall to winter, which inspired part of this poem. Then, in class the other day we were talking about similes and metaphors so automatically I had to include many of those in my piece as well. 

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