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October 31, 2017
By NadaS BRONZE, Santa Clara, California
NadaS BRONZE, Santa Clara, California
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Listen to me, world
Heed me as I recount my day
A tragedy worthy of being put
In a Shakespearean play

Listen to me cry
This is a story you need to hear
The story of how I
Lost everything that I hold dear

'Twas early in the morning
When my wife started coughing
Living in Syria, I found that alarming
Wondered what Assad was plotting

When I smelled the gas I knew beyond doubt
That danger was coming, and I had to scout
I gave Dalal our babies and told her to run
Told her to protect our daughter and son

I ran to my family home
Spoke to my brothers one last time
Attempted to save my people, instead
Had to be rescued myself 

Now my cousins lie dead
Nephews, nieces, and brother
Besides them my wife resides
And my twins, flanking their mother

My dearest little blond boy
Daughter of my heart, my soul
Too soon robbed of life’s joy
My wife, now living in an underground hole
I lament them

Listen to me, world
Hear a broken man’s cry
He who saw all his loved ones die
Hearken my plea and stop the war
Heal the earth, kill no more!

The author's comments:

This poem recounts the true story of Abdul Hamid Youssef, who
lost 25 of his family members, including his wife and infants, during the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun, Syria on April 4, 2017. It was written after I watched his heart-wrenching interview on the news.

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