Life At The Lake

October 25, 2017
By DaneCollins BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
DaneCollins BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
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All seemed at peace, because it was.

I could feel the hot summer sun reflecting off the sandy beach of the lake,
like a magnifying glass shining a beam of light on the cement,
heating up anything it touches,
making the water of Lake Michigan feel that much better.

A three day trip with my family, to a place I’d never been before.
Three days without a care in the world.
Nothing but happiness and a stress free life, for three days at least.

As you step in the water,
the wet sand glides through your toes as the current sweeps to shore,
the water so cold at first touch, but so easy to get used to.
It must’ve touched 90 degrees each day,
the humidity only adding to the scorching heat.

Hundreds of people enjoying the same thing I was.
Playing volleyball, tanning, and just enjoying life.
My brother and I laughing in the water just in pure happiness,
letting the waves sweep us back to shore
over and over, for hours.

Everything was so perfect,
going to bed in our small family camper each night,
knowing when I wake up, another amazing day awaits.

Until the fourth day.

It’s almost as bad to leave as it is good to finally arrive.
It’s time to pack up and go home.
I try to sleep in the car the entire way home,
trying to get myself to forget about the pure joy
I was just forced to part ways with.

Dozing in and out,
wishing to have just one more day of happiness at the lake.
The memories will stay forever, but those same memories will be re-lived
when we make another trip to the lake.

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