October 25, 2017
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They say we’re not forgettable
They say we should stand out
Don’t hold back your feeling, kids,
That’s not the way to go about it.
And then they tell us to calm down,
We’re being overdramatic.
Just because we shouldn’t hold them back,
Doesn’t mean to show them?
You shouldn't feel like that,
You know everything will be ok
So just stop acting like your world is falling down.
And then they tell us,
Don’t get your emotions bottled up.
Don’t let anger control you,
Don’t be sad or glad or mad just be the same.
Be constant so that the world can stay the same.
We believe in equality, supposedly.
Magazines, movies, judgmental looks.
Advertisements telling us everything that we
Are doing wrong.
Don’t let your pain show just keep smiling.
If you have bad skin, just cover it with cosmetics,
Because obviously that won’t cause more.
But it does,
We’re ashamed
They tell us we’re wrong and not to feel this way?
First they say to tell them how we feel,
And once we do they get annoyed because apparently,
That’s not real.
I’m real.
We are all real, individuality isn’t one person
It’s not one red standing out among
the hundreds of other identical blues.
Individuality is when you have all the different colors and shapes and sizes
One rose red, One poppy red
One goldenrod and one sunshine yellow.
Blues and purples and aquamarine and colors that no one has a name for
Individuality isn’t one red among
The hundreds of identical blues.
And they change.
My colors change day to day
One day i might be red,
They tell me to keep control of my temper and that no one hates me,
And that i should stop sounding like a devil.
The next day i am gray,
I can barely force my way out of bed in the morning
and the air on the way to school feels so much more cold.
My friends don’t say anything once i tell them i’m fine.
The next day i’m yellow,
I bounce up the stairs and feel my heart bursting with love i need to share
It goes by faster, time flies when you are having fun,
But that makes the good things pass too fast
And the bad go so slow.
Individuality is not one red among
The hundreds of identical blues.
Individuality is you.

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