October 25, 2017
By Anonymous

As I look outside,
I see the sun setting
as its light shines through the branches,
making shadows appear on the ground.
I can hear the outside world grow more quiet as the sun sets.
As i listen i can hear the leaves moving in the wind
and how they are changing color as summer turns into fall.
The sound of cars turns into silence as the sun sets
All you can hear is the calm breeze.



The cool breeze,
the sound of summer,
people laughing
cleats running
through the green grass
getting dirty having fun.
The sound of metal bats and
sunflower seeds all over the ground,
playing baseball when i played for ROSL was a great time.
Having baseball games at night were the best.
Sun down,
lights on,
the nice cold breeze as the sun went down.
Getting up in the batters box was the best feeling,
waiting anxiously to drop my weight back and crush the ball.
Summer is a time for baseball.

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