It's Time

October 25, 2017
By Anonymous

im confused when this all started
im confused what I ever did wrong
im confused why you have so much hate
im confused where i belong
im confused how i became the target
im confused who made you think you could get away with this

im sick of how you act when i’m not around
im sick of being in your shadow
im sick of thinking that your thoughts matter
im sick of this never ending hate
im sick of you thinking you have so much power
im sick of how you think you can get away with this

im tired of pretending im okay
im tired of everything you have dragged me through
im tired of you acting so sweet and innocent
im tired of letting you control me
im tired of feeling like my whole world is falling apart
im tired of how you get away with this

im trying to imagine my life without this burden
im trying to take a step away from everything youve me through
im trying to become a better person
im trying to overcome the hate youve instilled in me
im trying to forgive all of the things youve said to degrade me
im trying to understand how you get away with this

It’s time you realized everything I’ve gone through because of you
It’s time you stop thinking so highly of yourself
It’s time to bring out your true colors
It’s time to show how you get away with this
It’s time this ends
It’s time.

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