October 25, 2017
By Anonymous

Life, what a journey.
Through hardship
and through failure.

We learn and
we change.
Wisdom is everlasting.

Experience learned through mistakes,
maturity learned through chance.
Experience is intangible.

Words spoken softly,
interpretation on situations arise.
Technicalities become reality,
beyond something real.

Changing your opinion on your last meal,
maturity just sealed the deal.
Reeling your attention.

On a different set of morals,
seeping through you like the depths of ocean coral.

Looking yourself in the mirror,
taking a second to reflect,
upon your own reflection.
Seeing scars that subtly show.

Never know your next move,
these thoughts enter in a slow groove.

But through past mistakes,
you begin to realize.
Real eyes, realize, real lies...

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