October 25, 2017

I come from the dog barking out back
From long bike rides and summer nights
I'm from late nights with friends
Playing xbox or watching movies

I come from sleeping in on Saturday,
From Sunday morning church
I am from Sunday afternoons
Spent at grandma’s house with delicious dinners
From the rich chocolate cake with M&Ms on top
And the melting moose tracks ice cream
During a family birthday party

I am from the rope swing
Dangling under the butternut tree
Swinging so high
I can touch the sun
I’m from the scar under my chin,
A reminder,
To stay grounded

I'm from weekends up north
Catching frogs in the creek
From my father's sweat while working hard
From my mother’s tender voice keeping us close.
I am from campfires and smoke
From gooey golden brown s’mores
And grilled hotdogs
with ketchup and mustard dancing between the bun

Every memory a part of me
Floating through my mind
I am from the laughing,
The smiling, the crying,
All of it that comes with life
Enriching my experience
Making it sweeter.
I am from everything around me
Shaping me, molding me like clay
Absorbing everything
Adding on to the ball of wet clay.
I am from my world.

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