To My Future Soulmate

October 24, 2017

Dear future soulmate,

Marry me
Marry me and eat cereal for dinner when there is a huge batch of leftover pasta still in the fridge
Marry me and spend hours looking at fandom memes when there is a pile of unfinished homework right next to us
Marry me and fight over the last pringle in the can
Marry me and attempt to teach me how to knit, even though we both know that is never going to succeed
Marry me and have pillow fights at 3 A.M. because of god knows why
Marry me and watch Harry Potter movie marathons as I complain about how Harry is a complete and total idiot
Marry me and take turns pushing each other around on shopping carts in the parking lot instead of buying the groceries we need.
Marry me and scour the internet for proof that Joshler is real
Marry me and take pictures of corn nuts and call it “art”
Marry me and scoop nutella like it’s ice cream
Marry me and have the time of your life

Your future soulmate

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