Faster than a racecar

October 24, 2017
By Fincept BRONZE, Graniteville, South Carolina
Fincept BRONZE, Graniteville, South Carolina
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The mind of teenager deep in thought. 
The slight of hand, stealing food that cant be bought. 


The fist of an abuser, sriking a cheek. 
The bullet of a gun, whose target roams the streets. 


Whats faster than a racecar?

An almost childlike Q.
Is it not in innonce, that we recognize the truth?


The tears of a child, family split apart.
The heartrate of a lover, after broken heart.
The voice of a minority, fighting for a new start. 

I ask you, whats faster than a racecar?

The author's comments:

Up for interpretation. Ask yourself what it means. Ask yourself what inspired it. No wrong answers.

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