October 24, 2017
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The second language for some people.
We all learned the basic when we were young.
Only few chose to learn more after school.

Math is a strange language.
It is a mix of numbers symbols and letters, and some how it means something?
It could be how many apples Jack ate,
or the distance across a river
or the the time it takes a squirrel to run a mile,up hill,while it is windy,holding 3 acorns.
Because those are some normal things we do with math.
Math is also a call and response language.
Some one asks a question and another person responds.  

Some one ask what is
it is 4

it is 18

it is 92

We solve those problems,by using formal our teachers taught us over the years.

And from our fellow classmates,
our trusty Ti 84 clautores,
or the back of the book,
and sometimes we Google it.

Only few of us will choice to go down this path
learning this language of Math.
It will be hard,but the outcome is amazing.
Math is the language of the doers,
The language of thinkers,
The language of creators,
The language of  the future.

Math is amazing

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