My Family is a Bycicle

October 6, 2017
By Riley26804 BRONZE, W, Pennsylvania
Riley26804 BRONZE, W, Pennsylvania
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My family is a bicycle riding down

life's unpredictable, everchanging road.

My father is the brakes,

sensible and smart,

knowing when to stop

when danger lies ahead.

My mother is the handlebars,

knowing just where to go.

Turning us in the right direction

and knowing what is best for us.

My brother is the seat,

keeping us all together and stable,

but also knowing when we need comfort

and how to find hope in dark times.

I am the pedals and wheels

that keep us moving forward.

My good thoughts and positive attitude

keep everyone joyful.

I know what to do to help keep us rolling

down life's crazy road.

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