The Chess Set

October 6, 2017
By Goober07 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Goober07 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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My family is a chess set
And my mother is the queen,
Powerful and determined,
Nothing stands in her way,
Nor disturbs her path 
Without strategically getting destroyed.

My family is a chess set 
And I am the knight.
Its path strange,
Its movements awkward
Clearly something went wrong.
While mostly useless,
Sometimes it shines through.

My family is a chess set
And my siblings are the pawns,
Agitating nuisances 
that only get in the way
of the thoughtful plan you made.
Their intentions unknown
Until it's too late.
While small in number,
They're easy to defeat,
But when they come together
They're powerful.

My family is a chess set 
And we all stick together,
So we can fight
Against the strategic unforgiving 
Player of life.

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