Round for Round

October 6, 2017
By wowitsdez GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
wowitsdez GOLD, Pelham, Alabama
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The worst kind of imprisonment is when you imprison yourself.
Your harsh words and your distant demeanor are an odd plea for help.
no one hears your cries.
Yearning for truth,
but all you’re told is lies
so you give up on the world
and you put love aside,
you say you’re protecting your heart,
but really it’s just self-sabotage.
You never learned to love the skin God put you in
because you were also ridiculed growing up as a kid
So you become consumed by books,
though unfortunately for you
society is consumed by looks.
And you don’t meet the standards
so you lie awake at night,
engulfed in thoughts of fad diets and going under the knife.
But if we being real here then
You probably ain't wrong
To want to better yourself
But you know that you ain’t right.
You figure it’s better to just love who you are,
but this generation makes it extremely hard.
You can’t find the love you need deep inside of you
so you turn towards a man to.
You know better than this!
Yet you do it anyway hoping he’ll fulfill your each and every wish.
Thinking like maybe he’ll fill every void
and ease the pain every time it hurts
And he’s Mr. Perfect in the start,
doing anything and everything to win your heart.
Seems like he did it so effortlessly
and with him you’ll forever be
until he wanted to do things you weren’t ready for.
You’re a strong girl, you didn’t give in,
so there he went right out of your life’s door.
Now you’re more broken than ever before.
You’ve been smiling all this time and all these years,
but suddenly you’re afraid you’ll drown in your tears.
You look up to the sky and you’re so tempted to ask “Why?”
but God is perfect
and all the things She’s put you through,
you know you deserve it.
From watching your father beat on your mother like a grown man
and treating her like a newfound enemy instead of an old friend.
To cope with it all, you try to find solace in a bottle of gin
But that don’t work so now you searching for love
In women and and even in grown men
Between the sheets of multiple lovers
Or y’all kick it in the car,
No street lights near
So you use the darkness as your cover
And you can’t remember who you were
Before it began after it’s all over
But baby it ain’t over
Your story aint done
And I know you’ve endured countless
Trials and tribulations but just remember this one
Life is a fight
And you only lose when you don’t swing back.

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