The life of Jonathan Rudolph

October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

On October 28, 2001
A star was born.
He was destined to be a successful man.
His    Nickname    was     Bullet because     of   how fast he   ran.
He          grew        up one of the shyest kids ever,
       but                       one of the smartest kids ever.
He  remained  ambitious and very joyful.

He also brought the best of wishes.
Although he faced some challenges life gave,
      he overcame them and remained brave.
Enjoying  school in Tennessee.
It was  hard to find a school for me.

Junior High School, the best years yet,
       Got hit with life and a check.
Football and Basketball were the only two sports he played.
His friends and he always had fun in the old days.
He worked  extremely hard  his entire freshman year.
At    15,
18   is   near
Now he lives in Detroit with his   fam.
Reading to his sister,  Green,    Eggs,      and ham.
Deep     Down,
I miss home.
I shall always have a story to tell until I am gone.

The author's comments:

my life.

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