Two Thousand and Eight

October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

Eight years young, poorly dressed, and too energetic for most people;
eating Uncrustables on the playground and watching clouds,
the usual things of a then future paleontologist.
Smile bigger than the face it lay on and eyes brighter than the stars,
nothing could bring me down living life happy as could be.
Did you hear that? That sound?
The sound of my life falling apart.
Sometimes it's more subtle like the whispering arguments of mom and dad
while I'm "asleep".
The walls were thin, like dad's patience.
I push on and act like I can't hear them. I wish I couldn't.
They put on their masks of happiness in front of me;
I see through their masks as if they weren't there.
They hide their frustration and unhappiness from me,
but something so immaculate is so difficult to keep hidden.
I see flashes of the family we used to be. So happy, so outgoing, so worry free.
I feel alone in this big world, it won't stop for me.
Autumn arrives.
The leaves fall just like my life.
I watch as my mother departs my home with no intentions of returning.
Silently screaming.
No way to stop her. No way to bring her back.
Tears run down my face as the taillights of the car disappear around the corner.

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