fear me or fear me not

October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

When the sun sets the monsters appear from your closet, under your bed. Any dark place is a perfect home for a monster like me.  When the sun rises I nap the day away, and plan mischievously, but when the moon rises is when it’s time for me to play. I’m the one who makes the noises on your window, the creaks in the floor, it’s just the wind you tell yourself but you know that it’s much much more.  When you sleep I’m also the one in your dreams, I am the one who makes you scream, you fear me and know that I am here in the dark wait for you to appear. Your parents say it’s just in your head, but yet I never go away. I make you think it’s in your head but you can’t make me go away, it’s too bad because I’m here to stay.
            You try to confront me, make me go away, now that’s too easy. I feed off you fear. You have quit a lot, you gave me a name of my own. You gave me a nice cute name, bubbles, but my real name is the boogie man(much more scary). They call me this because when my name is spoken it sends fear to anyone who speaks of me. I am well know throughout your family, I get passed down from generations and I will continue to frighten your family. Every one has me but they all fear different things. Im custome made just for you and when I get someone knew I will be something new. I whisper your name through these halls, make music play, and curtains sway. People fear me, that is what I want but I am sad and have no friends. I need to scare you for the fear, I need to eat (but sometimes it’s really fun) every time you get scared a small smirk appears on my face no one sees it or me but I get a small flicker of happiness with no one to share it with. As you get old I will become less feared and you will forget me and that fear you get from me will be for gotten, but I will move on to another because I am the boogie man and I must scare another.

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