She wears a fake smile

October 6, 2017

     She wears a fake smile another day passes , but for how long her moods are changing , she tells herself how can I go on with this  daily routine , she stands in  front of mirror disgusted with her image , all she ever thinks about anymore is how she's flawed , her greatest fears are coming true she's losing everyone she once held dear , she holds a razor blade near her wrist tears already flowing , all she wanted was a simple a hug or a few words , she says to herself is that too much to ask for , she silenced her weeps so they were never heard , she felt like her whole life was a waste , she felt alone , as she ever felt was she was hurting everyone she loved , until one day she cut herself a little too deep , scar after scar , she sat there and bled , I will never forget the last words she will ever say as she said to herself who can ever love a girl with scars ...

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