I Believe

October 5, 2017
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I’m alive, I believe in beauty
Desperate to be beauty.
Desperate to see beauty.
Everyone having their own beauty.
Blonde. Brunette. Ginger. Freckles. Skinny. Chubby. Lazy. Tired. Messy. Clean. Gentle. Rough. Loud. Quiet. Bushy brows. Hair deluging skin. Hairless. Bare. Clothed. Sneakers. Flats.
For goodness sake I believe in it all.
I believe in little girls wanting to be an astronaut at age 7 but changing their minds to become supermodels. Why not?
I believe in little girls cutting all their hair off and not wearing shoes!
Believe in it all.
Don’t succumb to standards.
I believe in beauty.
Muscles. None at all. Sports. Theater. Hairy legs. No hair. Short hair. Dreads. Sneakerhead. Sandals. Barbies. Football. Skateboards. Ice skates.
I believe in little boys who let me paint their toenails pink.
I believe in little boys who will play football and play in mud.
Better yet I believe in little boys who wear baseball caps atop of heads with purple eyeshadow lids.
Listen to me. I believe in all of you.

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