Death in a text

October 5, 2017
By jbrown1.0 BRONZE, Kubwa, Other
jbrown1.0 BRONZE, Kubwa, Other
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At the strike of the twentieth hour the universe paused
The earth tremors around my heart, its beatings paused
The scrolls of a space without time rolled to this text
My tears of pain rolled down the text

My Alice divorced life, remarried death
Now I court pain, my eyes, our children wept
Encrypted in the message, first disbelief
In false hope, I found relief

My faith struck firm like a nail on the wall of a dilapidated building
Though built tall its foundation yielding
My anger broke down denial to depression
My love left me in grief’s suppression

The author's comments:

recently, i lost a friend, i was just looking for an outlet.

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